Can we use all your fabrics for Upholstery & Drapes?
Please check with us at the time of placing your order
Do you produce sheers?
We manufacture sheers and offer value addition in prints and embroideries as well
Do you produce made-ups or finished products?
Currently we produce fabrics, but will be shortly offer finished products and made-ups
Do you custom-made designs and qualities?
Yes, we create custom-made designs and qualities as per your requirements and specifications
Can you re-engineer a fabric to suit a requirement?
Yes, we can re-engineer a fabric and match your requirements
What is the maximum fabric width you can weave?
Our looms are capable of weaving plain fabric to a maximum width of 320cm
For Jacquards we produce up to 140cm width
Do you keep stocks of all the fabrics?
All our fabrics are made to order only
What is your minimum order quantity?
Minimum orders are generally 300 meters, however lower quantities attract a surcharge.
Do you have an Agent in my area?
Our agents are primarily based in the U.K. and U.S.A.
Please contact us for further information