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Chamundi Silks incorporated in 1947, is a publicly traded corporation, bought in 2004 by J V Gokal Group (Nayan Jagjivan and Group Company, Equinox Impex Pvt Ltd) With more than 75 years of expertise with the highest standards of product integrity and consistency in the Textile Industry, Chamundi Silks has captured the market of premium silk fabrics across Home and Fashion in India and Internationally. We have two factories one in Mysore and another one in Bangalore.

Our History

Our History

From a traditional mill to a powerhouse of Premium Silk, Home and Fashion Fabric, Chamundi Silks caters to the furnishing fabric markets, both globally and locally. Our products include Jacquards, Taffetas, Dupions, Sheers, Damask, Brocades etc. which are manufactured from pure silk, silk blends and natural fibers.

Chamundi Silks acquired the Italian brand Avigdor, established since 1833, in 2014.

Our Value Added Products

We create and deliver the finest silk products for home and fashion, while preserving our rich heritage and craftsmanship, and fostering sustainable practices for the betterment of our community and environment.

Manufacturing Capabilities

Chamundi Silks excel in end-to-end textile manufacturing. Our comprehensive facilities cover every stage of the production process, ensuring top-tier quality and efficiency. We specialize in dyeing, hanking, twisting, doubling, and weaving, leveraging advanced technology and skilled craftsmanship.

Our dyeing units employ the latest techniques to achieve vibrant, long-lasting colors that meet environmental standards. The hanking process is meticulously managed to prepare yarns for subsequent treatments, ensuring uniformity and quality. Twisting and doubling enhance yarn strength and consistency, preparing them for diverse textile applications.

In weaving, we operate 21 rapier looms, including 8 jacquard and 13 dobby looms, along with 34 shuttle looms. Our jacquard looms offer flexibility with up to 4 repeats, 2 repeats, and single repeat fabrics of 140 cm, using up to 8 weft colors. Our dobby looms can weave widths from 100 cm to 300 cm. Single-width dobbies up to 150 cm can handle patterns with 20 shafts, while 300 cm dobbies manage patterns with up to 12 shafts. Additionally, we have around 40 shuttle looms dedicated to weaving the most exquisite silk qualities.

Our Esteemed Clients

Chamundi Silks is unique as it serves a diverse clientele across fashion fabric, furnishings, and sarees sectors. Each client group has its unique demands and preferences, driving the company to continually innovate and adapt to cater to their needs. The versatility and luxurious appeal of silk make it a popular choice among clients in these sectors, ensuring the continued growth and success of India’s silk textile industry.


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